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O B L / Q U E 

Volume 1

Edited by Natalia Escobar Castrillon


Xu Chi / Allegorical fragments of China: On Ningbo History Museum

Phi Nguyen / SESC Pompeia, Collective Memory Construction: The Building of An Ohter Utopia


LeeAnn Suen / Implacement: Edward Casey's Place-World, The Fallacy of Modern Time, and Unlivable Experience  

Jonathan Knapp / Violence Spiraling from the Center of the World: Lava Beds, National Monument, and Robert Smithson's Concept of History

Sama El Saket / Herzog & Meuron, Caixa Forum, Madrid

Marielsa de Castro / Alfredo Jaar, "The Geometry of Conscience," The Museum of Memory and Human Rights in Santiago, Chile


Ana Mayoral / Juan O'Gormman's UNAM: Architecture as Fantasy for National Identity

Daniel Foster / Toni Morrison Representing the Repellent Landscape: Unbuilt Memorials and Unhomely Allegories in Beloved

Javier Ors Ausín / Mumbai (In)Formal: Learning from Dharavi

Francesca Romana Forlini / Druot, Lacaton & Vassal, "Plus" Principle and the Preservation of the Domestic Condition


Zachary Matthews & Zahra Safaverdi / Graham Harman, The Thingness of a Figure

Erica Rothman / Scaffoldings orArchitecture in Distraction: The Restoration of theSupreme Court and the Disruption Instant

Haibei Peng / Beyond Replica: A Case Study of the Ise Grand Shrine in Japan

Mihalis Papavarnavas / Rem Koolhass, The Impossible Stasis: Fondazione Prada