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O B L / Q U E  


Edited by Natalia Escobar Castrillon


INTERVIEW: Anne Lacaton

Francesca Romana Forlini / Not Yet Beautiful Enough: Interview With Ann Lacaton

SPECIAL GUEST: David Lowenthal

David Lowenthal / Material Preservation and Its Alternatives



Huopu Zhang / Pinacoteca Do Estado De São Paulo: The Allegorical Shift in Polarity, Frontality and The Inner Body of a Renovation Project 

Farnoosh Rafaie / Hearst Castle: Critical Hierarchies 

Silvia Danielak / Wall Of Projections, Openings Of Imagination: Creating And Effacing Memory Along The Cypriot Buffer Zone

Federica Goffi / Architecture In Conversion: The Singular Door to the Practice Of Carlo Scarpa



Meric Ozgen / An Originary Myth: Fields of Memory that Tell Us of Our Own Despair to Dwell

Valeria Fantozzi / Contradictions: Place of Remembrance by Barclay & Crousse

Feifan Ma / Presentism and Aura: Shelters For Roman Archaeological Site

Kira Sargent / Allegory For Recovery: Embodied Meaning in the National September 11th Memorial and Museum

Yanhan Zhang / Welsh Site-Specific Theater And Its Metaphor Of Architecture: A Discursive Space Between Memory And Ephemera

Marina Correia / The Plinth and the Vertical Belvedere: Identities of the Inverted Babel

Christopher Reznich / Climate Control: Imaginary Envelopes



Charles Burke / Penn Station And The Dialectical Image: A Critical Revisiting Of The Arcades Project For Twenty-First Century America

Milos Mladenovic / Total Misrecall: Assemble Studio’s Fictional Anamnesis

Noam Saragosti / Seeing Double: Lacaton And Vassal’s Frac Nord Pas De Calais

David Lowenthal / Material Preservation and Its Alternatives

Prathima Muniyappa / Receding Horizons In The Age Of Expanding Frontiers: Virtual Reality As A Method For Preservation Of Space Heritage